Some Call It Heaven (clip)
It's Harvest Time
God's Gettin Us Ready
Endtime Preach n Drive Mix
Pray For Others
We Are A River Mix
Through It All
Will Will Stand...Opens Service
Conviction Campmeeting
Preachin Conviction
Reach Somebody Preachin Mix
Bro. Anthony Preachin Mix
Shake It Off Preachin Mix
God's Unchanging Hand
You Chose To Be My Friend
Ride Out Your Storm/Oasis
Since I Laid My Burden Down
King Jesus
Amazing Grace - Praise God
Trinity - I Surrender
He Knows My Name
He Came Lookin For Me
Haley Sings After Church
Trouble In My Way
Stir Up Your Gifts Edit II
Here I Am To Worship
When I Think About The Lord
Let It Rain (Intro)
The Love Song
The Value Of A Soul
Another Youth Choir Song
I Need Thee: Extended Praise Medley
The Anchor Holds
Brother David's Medley
It's Time To Get Up!
Midnight Cry
This Could Be The Day
Learning To Lean
Jesus Will Outshine Them All
He Died For Me
Oh, For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
Near To Thee
Miracle In Me
Lord, Don't Move That Mountain
Pastor Anthony Wynn Extended Medley
Pastor Anthony Medley
It's Harvest Time
What A Day That Will Be
Don't Pass Me By
I Found The Lilly In My Valley
The Road Back To Jesus
"Catch On Fire"
Breathe Compilation
To Be Like Jesus
I Need Thee
I Can Mend Your Fences
It'll Be Worth It After All
Jesus On My Mind
Another New Song
I'll Keep Holding On To Jesus
Youth Choir Song
The Breathe Compilation
Are You Saved Compilation
I Need Something From God
What Can I Do For The Lord?
Will You Worship
Let The River Flow
I Will Worship You
"We Will Stand"
We Will Stand Lyrics
I'll Keep Holdin' On
Where Would I Be
Livin' He Loved Me
Anthony's Eternal Medley
I'd Rather Have Jesus

2013 Oasis Ministries - Paster Anthony Wynn